To apply for this position, please email a cover letter and resumé to

Job Description for the Position of
Assistant Intern

Reporting Relationship
The Assistant Intern reports directly to the Executive Pastor and is accountable to the Pastoral Staff.

Job Definition
The Assistant Intern will be a servant leader who works on a two-week rotation for 15 weeks among all our ministry teams and attends all administrative team meetings in order to understand UM polity application. This person will lead and serve in each ministry area as determined by the ministry’s team leader. The Assistant Intern will be committed to building and nurturing relationships with the church body and larger Wilmore community, while participating daily in the many means of God’s grace.

Average Weekly Time Commitment Expectations
17–20 hours per week (~15 minimum ministry hours per week and 2+ hours of scheduled meetings per week).

Essential Functions

  • Serve/Lead in scheduled ministry area each Sunday, which includes but is not limited to the 8:30am–12:30pm hours. Must be available every Sunday of the internship.
  • Must be available for essential ministry events as rotation requires (e.g. 7:30–9:00pm Sunday nights for the 7.48 Bridge event when in Bridge Ministry Rotation, etc.)
  • Attend a weekly (formational) meeting with the Executive Pastor.
  • Complete all Safe Sanctuary Training prior to internship start date.
  • Attend all Church Council meetings and scheduled administrative meetings.
  • Do any preparation work needed for Sunday worship and ministry events.
  • Attend ministry team meetings, as rotation requires.
  • Fulfill any training requirements (e.g. personality tests, assigned reading, etc.)
  • Take initiative in fulfilling responsibilities.
  • Reflect theologically on ministry experiences by maintaining a journal and via group discussions.
  • Practice spiritual disciplines personally and participate in “Daily Devotional Time” as described below.
  • Establish ministry and personal goals prior to internship start.
  • Attend Charge Conference (if scheduled during internship).
  • Become familiar with the Book of Disciple of the United Methodist Church 2012 and its application.
  • Request days off by Orientation.
  • Other duties as assigned

Required Readings
• The Book of Disciple of the United Methodist Church, 2012. The BOD is available online for FREE!
• Kinlaw, Dennis F. This Day With The Master: 365 Daily Meditations. Zondervan. [ISBN: 9780310255703]
• John Wesley’s “An Address to Clergy”, “The Character of a Methodist”, “The Principles of a Methodist”
• A journal of some sort, which could be as simple as a composition notebook.

Daily Devotional Time:
From the moment the intern receives This Day With The Master: 365 Daily Meditations, she or he will be expected to have daily structured devotional time that consists of the following:

  • Read the corresponding day’s meditation from the devotional book.
  • Spend time in meditation over the devotion and pray that God would open your eyes to new insights about Him as you read scripture.
  • Read 1 Psalm, 3 chapters from the Old Testament, and 2 chapters from the New Testament. Begin in Genesis and Matthew and read in the prescribed order of the Bible.
  • When you have an “Ah Ha!” moment, record it in your journal. The entry should include:
    • The “Ah Ha” text written out in full.
    • A paragraph of any observations you made about the text, the context or revelation about the text from the Spirit.
    • A paragraph detailing possible real life applications of this “Ah Ha” observation.
    • Finally, a written prayer asking God to help you make these applications in your life.
    • Once you have done this, give each day’s recordings a title.
    • From the beginning of this practice, develop a living “Table of Contents” on the first two or three pages of your journal to which you will add each day the date of the entry, the title and the text. This will give you a functional book for the future to help you in preparation for sermons, publications, speeches, funerals, weddings, etc.

Weekly Formational Topics (Tentative)
Week 1—Orientation
Week 2—Methodist Character
Week 3—Doctrinal Standards
Week 4—Membership Expectations
Week 5—Reflection
Week 6—Organization
Week 7—Reflection
Week 8—Charge Conference
Week 9—Church Council
Week 10—Nominations Committee
Week 11—Reflection
Week 12—SPRC
Week 13—Trustees
Week 14—Finance
Week 15—Reflection